What is in Alloy Activities?

In Alloy, the Activities module is where you create tasks and coordinate who will complete each task, as well as how and when.

The Activities module provides you with the following tools to create tasks:

  • Defects - When an asset’s condition rating falls below a set standard, register a defect against it. With Alloy Defects, you can identify issues that may require work, but need to be verified before they become jobs.

  • Inspections - Alloy allows you to create an inspection to verify any defects registered against the asset. Or simply maintain your schedule of ongoing, routine inspections.

  • Jobs - Create jobs for work to carried out on one or more assets or make any changes to an asset’s state.


In addition the Activities module provides you with the following coordination tools:

  • Projects - Issue the work for a specific team to complete. Compare pricing between different contractors and to choose the team that fits within your budget.

  • Teams - You can create teams consisting of one or more people that you can allocate work to.

  • Work item - Create work items against assets that require ad-hoc or scheduled work to be carried out.

  • Account pricing - Create account pricing tables for work items and the teams associated with each item.