In addition to viewing budget details and settings, Alloy allows you to view a budget overview, which provides you with a quick way to examine the status of a budget.

Viewing budgets

  1. Go to the Budgets module.

  2. Select Budgets to display a list of available budgets in the search panel.

alt text

  1. Select a budget to view its details in the Item details panel. Here you can access the following pages:
  • General - basic budget details including status, these are displayed by default, see editing budgets.

  • Audit - timeline of all changes made to the budget in Alloy.

  • Job work items - job work items that are associated with the budget are listed and you can view and access their details, see Configuring job work items.

  • Parents - Any parent link with the budget is listed.

  • Reports - where a reports are associated with the budget you can view and access the reports, see Creating budget reports.

  • Schedules - this allows you view any schedules associated with the budget or add schedules to the budget, see Creating schedules.

  • Settings - this allows you to change the basic properties for the budget item.

Searching for a budget

  1. Go to the search bar and enter budgets. This provides you with a list of budget designs and interfaces.

alt text

  1. Select the design you require to display all the budgets in the search panel.

  2. Select a budget from the list to display the budget in the Item details panel, the General tab is displayed by default. You can now edit the budget if necessary.

Viewing an overview of your budgets

When you have selected a budget to view its details you can also display the budget overview.

  1. A graph button appears at the top of the map when you select a budget.

alt text

  1. Select the graph open button at the top of the screen.

alt text

The budget overview displays in the centre of your workspace. Each budget includes a status bar which shows:

Period select

The first budget period is displayed by default, using the period select button displays a dialog that allows you to select any budget period associated with the budget.


The status of the budget is indicated together with the amount spent against the budgeted amount. The amount spent may include estimated costs as well as actual costs.

Period dates

The start and end dates for the selected budget period are displayed.

Budget distribution graph

A budget distribution graph illustrates the spend status as a proportion of the total budget, with colours matching each status type.

List of status types

Each job work item status type is listed:

  • Proposed
  • Issued
  • In Progress
  • On Hold
  • Completed
  • To Invoice
  • Invoiced

The colours of each status type can be customised and are reflected in the distribution graph.

Job work item costs

Job work item costs are listed within each status type. The costs include estimated costs if actual costs are not available, so may only be an estimate of total budget spend.

Data explorer

You can use the Data explorer to display a list of all job work items within each status type and also view estimated and actual costs.

alt text

  1. To close the Budget overview, select button to close the graph or the Items detail panel.