Alloy provides you with a Data explorer that can be used to query the data on the system to provide results for management or analysis. Data explorer allows you to do the following:

  • Query the data using AQS queries
  • Perform bulk operations on selected or all results
  • Save and load queries
  • View data in different collections
  • Export the results of queries.

Accessing Data explorer

Data explorer can be accessed in several ways:

Right menu panel This icon allows you to open and close Data explorer directly.
Search bar When you perform a search that results in a list of items the explorer icon appears in the search bar.
Action bar Certain tabs, for example Defects, Inspections, Jobs and Attachments, that have lists within them and provide you with an action to open the Data explorer.

Whichever method you select the system displays the Data explorer. Selecting from the right menu panel displays an empty explorer window. From the search bar or action bar the explorer contains a list of the resultant items from the search or details list.

alt text

Understanding the Data explorer

The Data explorer provides a visual display of the results of a query. The query output is shown as a table within a tab, where a tab represents the query. You can customize the resulting output within a tab by adding or removing attributes. Data explorer uses the Pathfinder tool to help you select the attributes that you want to include in the output.

alt text

Here’s a quick description of where to find the key parts of the Data explorer.

Resulting query list

The left hand column of the explorer displays the resulting list of items based on the selection of a design or interface, for example the selecting the Street Lights design results in the listing of all the street lights related to this design.

Tab title

The tab title takes its name from the design or interface that you selected to create the query. You can have multiple tabs, each tab represents an independent query. When you close a tab you delete the query it represents.

Add tab button

This button allows you to add a new tab. When you select this button you are prompted to select a design or interface to create the basic query for the tab.

Attribute data

When you add attributes within a query the resulting output is displayed as columns for each attribute, see Adding attributes.

Explorer tools

When you select the button the explorer tools are displayed, the tools that are displayed vary depending on the design or design interface selected:

Explorer icon

Select this icon to open or close Data explorer. Closing explorer does not delete any tabs that you have created, you can retrieve the query results by opening explorer.

View item details

Select the arrow in the asset list to view the details of the selected asset in the Item details panel on the right.