The Data explorer has associated with it a set of tools that you can access by using the button in the bottom right hand corner of the explorer window. When you select this button the tools are displayed.

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AQS builder This allows you to examine and edit the code behind the query you create within explorer.
Bulk action all items This allows you to edit or delete multiple items listed within the explorer window.
Collection This allows you to change the collection that the query acts on to display data from the selected collection.
Configure attributes This opens Pathfinder and allows you to add or remove attributes used to create the query within explorer.
Export results This allows you to export the data to a CSV file based on the query currently displayed.
Load query This allows you to load an existing query that is stored within the system.
Refresh data This allows you to refresh the data displayed within explorer when you change attributes.
Save query This allows you to save the query you have created within the system if you intend to re-use it.