When you create an item you are required to select a collection that it belongs to. The default collection of an item is defined by the design that it is based on. The design also determines whether an item can be moved from one collection to another. Data explorer allows you to view and work with items in different collections. You can also use the bulk edit tool to move one or more items from one collection to another.

Viewing collections

By default when you create a query in Data explorer the results displayed relate to items in the Live collection.

alt text

To query another collection select the Collections tool, then select the collection you want to query from the dialog displayed.

alt text

The query you created previously is re-run for the selected collection and the results displayed in the same tab.

alt text

The item icons indicate that you are viewing data from a different collection.

Icon Type
An item in the Live collection.
An item in the Archive collection.
An item in the Inventory collection.
An item in the Template collection.