You can add the details of any person who reports a defect. This step is optional and needs only to be completed if you processes require you to maintain records of people who report asset damage.


You must ensure you obtain the consent of the reporter before recording and storing their details on the system.

Adding a reporter

When you create a defect, step #5 allows you to add a reporters details to the defect.

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  1. Select step #5 (Add reporters), the select reporters page is displayed.

alt text

  1. Select the add reporter icon to add a new reporter.

    If you select the Reporters field you can access a list of existing reporters and select a reporter.

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  1. Complete the following fields:

    • First name
    • Address line 1
  2. Select Show options to display additional detail fields that you can complete for the reporter.

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  1. When you have completed the reporter’s details you must ensure that you have obtained the reporter’s consent to store the details. Once you have their permission select the Confirm consent button.
  2. The fifth step of the process indicates that it is complete.

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