Need to get an idea of where your network’s defects are? See the big picture by viewing the defect layer. View a list of all defects in the Activities module. Find a specific defect using search. Select any defect to view its details.

Viewing the defects layer

  1. Select on the layers icon in the right panel.
  2. Go to the Defects layer and select the switch to toggle the layer on. All defects show on the map.
  3. In the right panel, select on the Defects layer to open its layer details page.

alt text

  1. You can toggle defect layer styles on or off to view defects with different states.

Viewing defects in the Activities module

  1. In your Dashboard, select on the Activities card.
  2. In the Activities module, select Defects. The right panel opens a search query defects with a resulting list of defects sorted into categories.

alt text

You can use search queries to filter the list of defects (see below).

Searching for defects

  1. In the search bar, start by entering defects. The right panel shows a resulting list of defects.
  2. To filter search results, just start typing whatever kinds of defects you’d like to look up. A dynamic list of suggested options will display as you begin to type. Feel free to select from the list, or just type your own query.
  3. Select a defect from the list of results to view its details.

Viewing defect details

When you select a defect, you can view its details in the right panel. You can also view a defect diagram in the centre of your workspace. See Viewing items.

alt text