The Designer module allows you to create and manage designs (e.g. network or inspection designs) to customise your data your way. When you select the Designer card the design editor is displayed and you can use it to create and edit designs or items.

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Your user permissions might restrict your access to designer features. Contact your administrator for assistance.

Design types

Alloy provides you with a set of design types that help you create and manage your data. While Alloy comes with many predefined designs, you can create new designs to suit your organisational needs from within the design types provided.

Creating a design

To create a new design use the following procedure:

  1. From the dashboard select the Designer module.

  2. Select Create design. The list of design styles is displayed.

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  1. Select the type of design that you require. The standard design form is displayed.

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To create a basic design complete the form fields (* mandatory):

  • Name* - Give your design a meaningful and unique name that can be easily used when you create items.

  • Icon - When you select this field you can choose an icon from the built in library within Alloy, see Selecting Icons. The icon is inherited by all items that are created using this design. This field is optional, if you leave it blank the default icon is substituted.

  • Colour - When you select this field you can choose the colour applied to the icon within Alloy. This colour acts as the default colour for any layer style associated with this design, see Layer Styles. This field is optional, if you leave it blank the default colour is substituted.

  1. When you have completed all the required fields select Create. The new design details are displayed in the right panel.

So, you have now created a basic design that can be used to create items. Before you use the design you can add attributes to customise the information that you want to record and display for each item, see Adding design attributes.