For custom designs you can edit the general details of the design. You cannot edit the details of standard designs.


Depending on your permission settings, you may not be able to edit designs. Contact your administrator for assistance.

Editing general details

  1. You can either use the Designer module and select Designs or use the search panel directly.

    A list of designs is displayed in the search panel.

  2. If the design is shown in the first 20 designs, you can select the design from the list.

    Alternatively, the search panel allows you to search directly for the design that you require or you can scroll down through the list.

  3. When you have selected the required design the details are displayed in the right panel, the General tab is displayed by default.

  4. Select the button on the action bar. You can now edit the fields displayed in the General tab.


You cannot change the design code.

  1. When you have finished editing the details select Save to update the system.