You can view a design by selecting it from the Designer module or search panel. You can view a design’s details in the right panel.

With a design selected you can also view graphical information about the design.

Viewing a design

  1. You can either use the Designer module and select Designs or use the search panel to find a design.

    A list of designs is displayed in the search panel.

  2. If the design is listed in the first 20 designs you can select the design from the right panel.

    The search panel allows you to search directly for the design that you require.

  3. When you have selected the required design the details are displayed in the right panel.

alt text

The General tab is displayed by default, use the Tab bar to view the following details of the design:

  1. Select the in the upper right panel to close the design editor when finished.

Viewing a design details graph

When you select a design for viewing you are also provided with a graph button at the top of the map area.

alt text

Selecting the graph button displays a graphical view of the design.

alt text

See Design graphs for more information on using the graph display.