Alloy allows you to upload files, or where a design includes the option to attach files you can import photos or other data files to gain deeper insights into an asset’s condition. Once you have uploaded or attached files, they are stored in your user folder and you can access them in the File explorer. Files that are attached to an item can also be viewed when you view item details.

Using ‘Drag and Drop’

Alloy allows you to ‘drag and drop’ files to upload them or attach them to an item. In order to use this feature you need to open Windows Explorer and locate the file or files you want to upload or attach in Alloy. The Alloy client also needs to be visible to allow you to drop the file(s).

alt text

When you drag one or more files on to an Alloy window you are provided with a drop zone that allows you to upload the file(s) to the Gateway.

alt text

For the transfer to be successful you must drop the file(s) in the drop zone when it turns yellow. A notification is displayed when the upload of the file(s) is successful.

alt text

Attaching a file to an item

Where an item includes the option to attach files to the item you can either drag and drop files or attach them directly.

  1. Select an item to view its details in the Item details panel.

    You can now drag and drop files and attach them to the item. You are provided with two drop zones that allows you to either upload to the Gateway or attach to the selected item.

alt text

  1. Alternatively, in the Item details panel, the General page is displayed by default, select the Attachments tab.
  2. Select the more actions button from the action bar.

alt text

  1. Select Attach, then you can select a file from your device storage.

    When you attach a file to an item it appears in the list below the Attachment tab.

alt text


Not all items include an Attachments tab. Contact your administrator for details.