Gateway overview

Alloy Gateway provides you with tools to manage the import of data, for example networks such as NSG or NLPG, assets such as street lights or anything you want to include in your project.

Importing data

Import files need to be uploaded within Alloy before you can begin the process of importing them. In order to import data you must have a file of the correct format relating to the type of data that you are importing. Two of the most common types of file imports are NSG and NLPG networks, Alloy provides specific options to import these files. Other supported file formats are CSV with geometry and SHP (ESRI Shapefile).

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Alloy Gateway guides you through the import process and prompts you to configure import properties. The data is validated from your import and you are notified of any issues in your configuration. This gives you the chance to reconfigure properties before finalising the import.

Once your import is complete, you can view it in the Alloy workspace.