The dashboard displays all the modules that are available to you, which are represented by cards. Alloy includes two types of module cards on the dashboard, system cards and custom cards. Core modules include system cards, for example Activities, Designer, Gateway and Permissions. Optional system modules, for example, Street Lights, Finance and Waste, are added to the dashboard when the modules are installed. You can also create custom modules to enhance the use of the system. Cards are displayed in alphabetical order in the dashboard.


The modules that you see and can access are determined by your user login. If you require additional access to modules not shown on your dashboard you should contact your system administrator.

When you select a module the details that are displayed vary depending on which module you select, this includes the available actions associated with the module.

Using an action may lead you through several pages within the dashboard, for example registering defects within the activities module pages are illustrated below.

alt text

As you explore different modules, you can select the Alloy logo to return to the dashboard. Or select the back arrow in the left panel to return to the previous page.


Do not use the browser back arrow to navigate the dashboard.