Alloy allows you create a list of favourite items, which you can use to access items that you use frequently.

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The favourites list is displayed by selecting the favourites icon in the right hand panel menu. You can select the item you want to view in the display area and the item details are shown in the right hand panel.

Adding an item to favourites

When you select an item and it is displayed in the right hand panel, the Action bar provides you with a favourite icon. When you select this icon the item is added to the favourite list.

If the item is already in your Favourites list the icon is shown in yellow.

Removing an item from favourites

To remove an item from the favourites list, you can display the favourites list and select the cross on the right hand side of the item panel.

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Alternatively, when the item is selected and displayed in the right hand panel, select the yellow favourite icon in the Action bar, it changes to blue to indicate the item has been removed from the list.