Alloy allows you to upload files and store them in the cloud for you to access using File Explorer. These files may be any document type including images. Designs that include the option to attach files will also allow you to link files you upload to Items of that Design.

Accessing your files

To view the files that you have uploaded or attached to items, you can either view the item details individually or open the File Explorer to view all files that have been uploaded in Alloy.

To access the File Explorer, select the icon on the right menu panel. The file explorer is opened with the root (Home) directory displayed.

alt text

Files are normally stored in system or user folders, only the folders that you have permission to access are displayed. When you select a folder the file explorer displays the content of the selected folder.

alt text

As you can have nested levels of folders, the path of folders is displayed above the folder contents. To return to a previous folder you only need to select that folder, to return to the Home directory, select the icon.

File explorer tools

The file explorer has the following tools:

Create folder This allows you to create a folder within the root directory or within other folders.
Upload files This allows you upload files to the current folder.

Managing files

When you select a folder all the files within the folders are shown. If you select a file, then file explorer displays the file in the gallery view and and the arrows allow you to move to the next file or return to the previous file. The details of each file are displayed in the item details panel on the right.

alt text

Image files (jpg, gif, bmp or png) are automatically previewed within the gallery window, other file formats, for example documents are not previewed, but their details are displayed in the items details panel.

The gallery view provides you with tools to correct the orientation of the image.

alt text

You can rotate an image in 90 degree increments, either in the clockwise or counterclockwise direction.

Moving a file

You can move a selected file from one folder to another.

  1. With the selected item displayed in the Item details panel, select the more actions button from the action bar.
  2. Select the Move button. A dialog displays a list of all available folders, you can scroll through the list.

alt text

  1. Select the folder that you want to move the file into. The file is automatically moved.

You can only move files between folders that you have permissions to access.

Downloading a file

You can download a selected file from to your local storage.

  1. With the selected item displayed in the Item details panel, select the more actions button from the action bar.
  2. Select the Download button.
  3. Windows explorer is displayed and allows you to select the location that you want to download the file into. The file is downloaded when you select Save.