Your profile settings allow you to manage how you interact with Alloy. The bottom right-hand corner of the Workspace has a Profile button with your initials on it.

Select the Profile button to open your profile panel.

alt text

The profile panel has two tabs associated with your profile.


The General tab displays all the user details:

  • Username
  • Email
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Enabled status
  • Verified status
  • Expiry status
  • API key (user key)


This tab displays settings associated with the user profile.

Profile actions

The Profile panel displays the following actions:


This action allows you to display additional actions that can be used with the selected item.


This allows you to logout of Alloy, see Logging out.


This action allows you to edit your user profile details, see Profile editing.

Closing the actions

To close the profile panel select the Profile button.