The right panel offers a range of tools to visualise and access your data.

Upper menu

Function Icon Description
Search Use the search bar to find assets or anything else in Alloy. No need to learn specific queries - just type what is on your mind! See Search
Favourites This allows you access to your currently favourited objects in the system. See Favourites.
Layers Use this to visualise your assets, jobs or anything you want with customisable layers. See Layers.
Networks This allows you to select the network your data is referenced against. see Networks.
Basemaps This lets you change the appearance of the map or add your own customised map. See Basemaps.
Item details This allows you to open and close the item details page for a selected item. See Item details.

Lower menu

The lower right panel includes additional tools:

Function Icon Description
Data explorer This allows you to view data on the system customised in a variety of ways. See Data explorer
File explorer This allows you to view all uploaded files sorted into folders, and drag and drop new files.
Help This opens the Alloy Help and Support website.