Welcome to the Alloy workspace. Here’s a quick description of where to find the key parts of the Alloy workspace.

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Alloy features a beautiful map in its centre. The map lets you explore your network and assets. You can change the way your map looks with different basemaps.

Map tools

The map tools can be used to zoom in and out of the map and select one or more assets contained within the map.

Right panel menu

The right panel menu offers a range of tools to visualise your data.

Right panel

The right panel is displayed when you select a right panel menu option. When an item is selected it is referred to as the Item details panel.

Action bar

The Action bar appears at the bottom of the right panel providing you with tools to work with a selected item. The tools vary depending on the selected item.

Tab bar

The Tab bar is a key part of the right panel and allows you to access all the available details of the selected item.


Left of the map is your Dashboard. The Dashboard includes different cards that represent each module. You select a card to open its module.

Module card

A module card allows you to access the key features within alloy.

Want to save time? Each card shows a summary of the module’s key details so you can track performance at a glance.

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The bottom of the right panel menu has a button with your user initials on it. Select this button to open your profile and access and manage your personal settings.

Graph button

Alloy provides you with a way to graphically visualize items and designs by means of item graphs and design graphs. The graph button allows you to view the relationship between an item and other items, for example components and sub-components or defects, inspections and jobs.

Item selector

Where multiple items overlap at a map position you can display a list of those items to select the one you need, see Selecting items.

Map scale

A scale for the map is displayed and adjusts to suit the map when you zoom in or out of the map.


The URL displayed in the browser window updates continuously while you work. You can share your URL for another user to continue where you left off.


Other users can use the shared URL only if they have the required permissions.