A design graph allows you to view the overall structure of a design or interface. When you select a design or interface the Item details panel displays the general details of the design or interface. You can use the tab bar to view all the details of the design or interface. You can also use a design graph to view the attributes and links associated with the design or interface.

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A design graph display is divided into the following five categories:

  • System attributes
  • Custom attributes (designs only)
  • Connects to
  • Parents
  • Implemented by (interfaces only)

Displaying the design graph

To access design graphs you use the graph button.


The colour of the graph button is dependent on the colour setting of the item that you have selected.

  1. Select a design or interface so you can see its details in the Item details panel. The graph button appears at the top of the screen and is linked to the design or interface that you have selected, see Viewing items.

  2. Select the graph selector. The graph displays the graph for the design or interface that you selected.

    System attributes are displayed immediately below the design or interface icon, these are the standard attributes of the design that you cannot change or remove. Custom designs may not contain any system attributes.

    If Custom attributes have been configured within the selected design they are displayed below the system attributes, these are attributes that have been added to the design that can be edited or removed. If you are examining a design interface, then custom attributes are not displayed.

    Below the attribute sections you can see the Connects to section, which displays the list of link attributes. Each link attribute is shown linked to its corresponding design or interface.

    The Parents section is displayed next. This lists all the designs and interfaces that link to this design or interface.

    If you are examining an interface then the Implemented by section is displayed at the bottom of the graph. This lists all designs and interfaces that implement the selected interface.

    The design graph allows you to select any attribute, design or interface within the graph to view its details in the Item details panel, by default the selected design or interface details are displayed.

  3. Select button to close the graph.