You can change the type of graph displayed by selecting the graph selector to view the available list of graph types for the item. Selecting another graph type provides a different view of items related to the selected item.

In the example illustrated below the default graph type displays all the components associated with the item, the view is changed by selecting the Task graph type, which displays jobs and inspections associated with the item.

alt text


When you select an item and open the default item graph, the graph that is displayed is determined by item that you selected and the design it is based on.

Graph types

The following table lists the available graph types. When you select an item the available item graphs are dependent on the design of the item, for example, a team item can only display a Team graph type.

Account Notification
Budget Premises
Component Project
Defect Report
Event Route
Filesystem Task
Inspection Task Status
Job Team
Lookup Waste
Network Xsp (Cross-sectional position)