In Alloy, items are connected to other items via link attributes with the link originating from the parent item to the child item. Designs allow you to define a meaning to these links as graph types such as Component, Lookup or Electrical.


Graph types within standard designs are pre-defined.

Alloy provides you with a way to graphically visualize items by means of item graphs. The graph types allow you to view the relationship between an item and other items, for example components and sub-components or defects, inspections and jobs. There are many types of item graphs depending on the type of item that you are viewing.

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Accessing item graphs

When you select an item the Item details panel only lists the first level of components that are directly associated with the item as part of the related design. You can use the item graphs to view the links to other items for a selected item.

To access item graphs you use the graph button.


The colour of the graph button is dependent on the colour setting of the item that you have selected.

  1. Select an item so you can see its details in the Item details panel. The graph button appears at the top of the screen and is linked to the item that you have selected, see Viewing items.

  2. Select the graph selector. The graph displays the default graph for the item that you selected. If the item selected contains components then they are displayed with links to illustrate the relationship between the components.

  3. Select button to close the graph.

    Alternatively, select the graph button to change the graph type.

Viewing item details

An item graph allows you to select any item within the graph to view its details in the Item details panel, by default the selected item’s details are displayed.

  1. Open the item’s graph.
  2. You can select a component in the graph to view its details in the Item details panel on the right.

    You can use the browser arrow to return to the original item details.

  3. You can now edit or delete the selected component.

Selecting an item to view its details does not close the item graph. You can repeat the process for all the items in the graph.