What is an inspection?

An inspection is a customised set of questions used to gather data on the state of an asset.

Creating a customised inspection type

With Alloy you can create new inspection types with questions you can customise. Design the questions to learn more about the state of your assets.

Creating an inspection

Create a new inspection in one the following ways:

  • Schedule recurring inspections
  • Create a new inspection for any asset
  • Investigate a defect through a defect inspection
  • Create an inspection based on a completed job

Adding an inspection to a project with schedules and routes

You can include a batch of inspections in a project for streamlined routing and scheduling.


Add a group of inspections (or a combination of both inspections and jobs) together into a project. You can use projects to define how and when to complete a given batch of tasks.


Plan inspections on specific dates, or set up a recurring schedule.


Specify the order for completing inspections with routes. Optimise the route for less travel time and more productive working.

Assigning the inspection to a team

Issue the inspection to a team of your choice. Or assign all tasks in a project to one team.

Completing the inspection

Teams receive their allocated inspections and track their work. The back office can view the team’s progress in real time and mark inspections complete.

Alloy Mobile users can complete inspections while in the field.

Acting on inspection results

Now your inspection is complete. Time to update asset condition data with your inspection results. Create a job if needed. Or create a Workflow to automate what happens next (e.g. send an email when an inspection is complete).