Modular items may include one or more components. Components exist as items within Alloy, to create modular items you can either create the component items first, or the parent items.

If you create a component item first, you can link it to the parent during the creation of the parent item, see Creating items.

If you create a parent item first, you can use the component graph to create and add components within an item.


Adding components is dependent on the design of the item.

Add a component to a modular item using the component graph

Alloy provides you with a graphical method to add components to a parent item that has already been created.

  1. Select an item so you can see its details and the graph button at the top of the screen, see Viewing items.

  2. Select the graph button at the top of the screen. If the item selected contains components then they are displayed.

alt text

You can now add item components to an item in the graph. Not all items can accept components, the design that an item is based on determines whether any components can be added.

  1. Select an item from the graph, then select the more action button in the bottom right-hand corner of the display area.

alt text

  1. The actions expand and provide you with the Add item action.

alt text

  1. When you select the Add item action a dialog appears with a list of component items related to the item you selected, select the component type you want to add.

In some cases you cannot add a subcomponent - contact your administrator for details.

  1. When you have selected a component item, the Create item page is displayed on the left hand side.

alt text

The selection of the design and the parents are already completed.

  1. Select Enter item details , the Details page is displayed similar to that shown below. The details required for the item will vary depending on the design you previously selected. Mandatory fields are displayed at the top of the Details page. These can include custom fields and standard fields that are defined by the design for the item type.

alt text

Select Show options to edit the optional fields for the item.

  1. Select Next when you have completed all the details that are required.

  2. The second step of the process indicates that it is complete.

alt text