Alloy maintains a record of all changes made to all items, which provides you with a historical audit trail. The changes that occur are maintained within the Audit log.

Accessing the Audit log

The Audit log can be viewed for every item, whether it is an asset or an activity, for example a defect or inspection.

  1. Select the item you want to view using the appropriate method to locate the item.
  2. When you select an item the item details panel displays the General page by default.
  3. Use the tab bar to select the Audit page. Each change made to the item configuration or data entry is displayed as a list.

alt text

  1. Select an event if you want to view more information. The items detail panel displays the General details of the log event.

alt text

For each event the following details are displayed:

  • User - this identifies the user who performed the change
  • Date - this displays the date and time of the event
  • Action - this identifies the type of event.
  1. To view the details of the event select the graph button for the selected event. This displays the event log graph, which details the changes made within the event.

alt text

This displays the state of the item before the event and details the changes that were made for each event.