To create asset group items you need a design that includes the asset group interface in addition to any other interfaces that allow you to assign tasks.


Certain modules, for example Waste, already include designs that allow you to create asset groups.

Creating an asset group design

  1. Create a basic custom design. A basic design contains only the Items interface.

  2. Use the tab bar to view the interface page.

  3. Select the more actions button from the action bar.

  4. Select the Add interface button to display the list of interfaces.

alt text

  1. Select the Asset Groups interface.

To add more functionality to the design you can add other interfaces that allow you to associate features with the design, for example, assigning events or notifications.

alt text

Creating an asset group item

You can now create an asset group item using this design. The subsequent steps are determined by the configuration of the design that you select, see Creating items for more information on how to create items.

  1. From the dashboard select the Designer module.

  2. Select Create item, the Item creation process page is displayed on the left.

alt text

Depending on the design, some steps may be optional. For items that have geometry see Geometry types.

  1. Select step , the Design selection page is displayed.

  2. Complete the following fields:

    • Design - Select the asset group design that you created.

    • Collection - Select the collections that the item belongs to. By default this should be Live and Archive

  3. Select Next and move to the next step.

  4. Select step , the Details page is displayed for the Asset group item. The details required for the item will vary depending on the design you previously selected. Mandatory fields are displayed at the top of the Details page. These can include custom fields and standard fields that are defined by the design for the item type.

Certain designs include additional fields that your processes may require you to complete. Select Show options to display the optional fields.

The item includes the Asset field that allows you to select the items that you want to include in the asset group.

alt text

When you select the Asset field the item picker dialog is displayed or you can also use the map picker to select items to be included in the asset group.

alt text

  1. Select Next when you have completed all the details that are required.

Asset group items should generally include geometry so that the asset group can be placed on the map to indicate the group of items they are associated with. See Creating items for more information on how to add locations and complete the item creating process.

Viewing an asset group item

You can view an asset group as described in Viewing items. You can also use the item graph to view the items that are included in the asset group. This allows you to select an item and view the details.

alt text