Every Item in Alloy is assigned a unique item ID. This ID is generated by the system and generally used internally by the application. However, you can also use the ID directly particularly when searching for an item. So we have provided you with an easy method to obtain the ID.


User accounts are not assigned an Item ID.

When you access an item and it is displayed you will find an icon in the top left corner above the item name.

alt text

When you select this icon then the Item ID for the selected object is copied to the system clipboard. Asset items and Reports generally appear as a long alphanumeric code, e.g.:


Standard Designs, Workflows, User Groups and Interfaces are identified by an alpha code e.g.:


User Designs, Workflows, User Groups and Interfaces are prefixed by an alpha code and an alphanumeric code e.g.:


Item IDs can be pasted directly into the search field to find an item quickly.

alt text