Items that are based on a design that includes the Archive collection can be archived and are placed in the archive collection. Alloy allows you to unarchive any item that has been placed in the archive collection.

Unarchiving items

When you archive an item, the item details indicate that it can be immediately unarchived by selecting the button.

alt text

If you want to unarchive an item that has been previously archived, you can find the item by:

  • Using the search panel and entering the ItemID to retrieve the item to unarchive it. By default the item is returned to the Live collection, if the design that the item is based on includes other collections a dialog allows you to choose the destination for the item.


  • Use the Data explorer to examine the Archive collection, this allows you to unarchive one or more items.

Using Data explorer to unarchive items

To find items within the Archive collection using Data explorer use the following procedure:

  1. Open the Data explorer from the right menu panel using the icon.

  2. Select the Add tab button at the top of the explorer window.

alt text

  1. A dialog is displayed that allows you to select the design or interface. This allows you to define the item or items you want to unarchive for the query to be based on.

  2. When you have selected an interface or design a list of related items is displayed in the first column, by default items in the Live collection are listed. The total number of items is indicated at the top of the column.

alt text

  1. To execute the query in the Archive collection select the Collections tool, then select the Archive collection from the dialog displayed.

alt text

The query you created previously is re-run for the Archive collection and the results displayed in the same tab.

You can select an individual item to display it in the Items details page, this allows you to unarchive the individual item.

Unarchiving multiple items

To unarchive multiple items you need to use the Bulk actions tool as follows:

  1. Ensure you are viewing the list of archived items.
  2. Select the icon for each item that you want to unarchive.

If you do not select any items then the action is applied to all the items.

alt text

  1. Select the Bulk actions tool.
  2. Select the Edit option from the left hand panel.

alt text

  1. The bulk Edit page is displayed, there are three steps, which are all optional.
  2. Select step the Configure properties page is displayed similar to that shown below.

alt text

  1. Select the Collection field, a dialog is displayed that allows you to select the collection you want.

alt text

The list of collections that is displayed depends on the design that the items are based on.

  1. Select the collection that you require the items to be placed in and return to the Configure properties page.
  2. Select the Next button to return to the Edit page, the first step indicates that it has been completed.

alt text

  1. Select the Edit button to execute the bulk action. The selected items are moved to previously selected collection.