You can add a location and geometry for a job that differs from the asset that it is attached to.

When you create a job, allows you to add a location and geometry to the job.

alt text

  1. Select step #4 (Job Location), the job geometry page is displayed.

alt text

  1. The drawing tools indicate the types of geometry that you can place on the map. This may include one or all of the geometry types.

alt text

  1. Select the geometry button that you require, a placing icon appears under the cursor. Depending on the geometry you require you can place points, draw lines and polygons to suit your requirements.

The default geometry type for jobs is a collection, which allows you to draw more than one job geometry type associated with the asset.

You can open the geometry editor in the left panel and view and edit the code that defines the geometry for the job object.

alt text

  1. Select Done when you have completed the job location and geometry that are required.
  2. The fourth step of the process indicates that it is complete.

You can finish creating the job after step #4 by selecting Create job. If at a later date you need to assign jobs you can edit the job.