Selecting any job items allows you to access and view the job work items associated with it.

Viewing job work items

  1. Select a job to view its details.
  2. Select the Job work items tab, a list of job work items is listed.

alt text

You can also use the graph button at the top of the map for the selected job.

  1. Select the graph open button at the top of the screen, ensure the job graph is selected.

alt text

  1. An item graph opens with an icon for each job work item. You can also view and manage job work items in the Item details panel.

  2. Selecting a job work item icon displays the details in the Item details panel.


The graph does allow you to add, Job work items, Related jobs and Job inspections, however, we recommend you create Job work items from a job or when creating a job from the Activities module. Jobs and Inspections we also recommend you create from the Activities module.