In addition to the system layers that are provided in Alloy you can create your own custom layers to manage how your asset data is displayed on the map.

Creating layers

To create new custom layers use the following procedure:

  1. Select the layers icon in the right panel menu to open the list of all layers.
  2. Select the Add layer button at the bottom of the panel.

alt text

  1. The Create layer page appears on the left hand side.

alt text

  1. Enter a layer name and select Create. A notification pops up to confirm that the layer was created.

    The right panel opens and displays the Styles page for your new layer.

    By default, all new user layers do not contain any styles. System layers contain predefined styles, but you can add user styles to a system layer.

alt text

  1. To configure the layer to show specific asset information you need to add layer styles.