Layers do not have any details that you can edit. You can edit the styles in a layer to change the appearance of the data associated with the layer.


Styles associated with System layers may be restricted, contact your System Administrator for more information about the styles on your system.

Editing layer style details

  1. Select the layers icon or network icon in the right panel menu to open a list of all layers or networks.
  2. Select a layer or network to display the list of available styles.

alt text

  1. Select the style that you want to edit to view its details, the General page is displayed by default.
  2. Select the edit icon . You can now edit the fields displayed in the General tab.

alt text

  1. Select the Save button when you have finished editing the style details.

You can also update the style visualisation, which allows you to manage the appearance of the items within the layer, see Style visualisation.