The network picker is designed to allow you to easily select a network or network item within a network when referencing assets to a network.

Using the network picker

In addition to the simple list, the network picker provides you the option to use a map picker that allows you to find and select a network or part of a network from the map. The network picker displays every time you select the network reference field to select the network to which you want to reference an asset.

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The map picker is centred on the area you were looking at in the main map and uses the same basemap. It displays any network that you have access to in the map picker window.


The map picker displays a map area centred on the main map. It uses the same basemap as the main map. All visible networks that occur within the map area are displayed by default. You can pan and zoom the map, however, you will need to use the Search here button to refresh the screen and display more networks if you move away from the original location.

Map tools

The map tools can be used to zoom in and out of the map and select one or more networks contained within the map window.

You can select a group of items using the draw area tool. This allows you to draw a marquee around the network items that you want to select.

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When you have completed the marquee select the Show selected items tool to view a list of the selected network items in the network panel on the right.

You can deselect any network items you do not want to include by selecting the network item on list to clear the selection.

Items panel

The network panel lists all the network items that are displayed on the map by default, in numeric and alphabetical order. You can scroll through the list and select one or more network items that you want to work with.

Alternatively, you can select network items on the map, which are automatically selected in the item panel.

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Search field

The search field allows you to locate a specific network item within the list. At the same time the number of items on the map is reduced to the list of items.

Search here button

When you pan or zoom the map you should use this button to refresh the items that are visible in the new map display, as well as updating the list in the network panel. If you filter the network items by design you need to use this button to refresh the display.

More tools

The map picker has a set of tools that allow you to manage the display and selection of the items that you want to within the map.

You can access the map picker tools using the more button.

  • Auto select - this selects a network or network item on the map.
  • Clear selection - this clears all the selected network items.
  • Filter designs - this allows you to filter the display of networks and network items by selecting a design that networks are associated with. When you have selected a design select Search here to refresh the map.

alt text

To return the display of all the items you need to deselect the designs you used to filter the display and selecting Search here.

  • Show all items - this allows you to list all the network items within the window, if you filtered the list to display only selected items. If you filtered the display of items by design, this displays all the filtered items in the network panel.
  • Show selected items - this allows you to filter the view to just the selected network items.
  • Zoom to selection - this allows you to zoom the view of the map to the location of the selected network or network items.

Title bar

The title bar to the map displays the number of selected network items and the total number of network items on the map on the right.

Done button

When you have finished selecting items use the Done button to close the network picker and transfer your selections to the entry field.