Once you have created a network and its network layer, you can create assets that can be associated with the network. Assets that are associated with a network must each be referenced to the network. The following figure illustrates a road network with lighting assets that are associated with it.

alt text

Each lighting asset has a unique network reference that associates it with the road network. When you create an asset and reference it to the network Alloy automatically creates a network reference item.

There are two default network reference designs within Alloy:

  • Basic - as the name implies this allows you to create a basic network reference that connects an asset with a network item.
  • Chainage XSP - this type of network reference allows you to add chainage information, which is most commonly used in transportation networks, for example roads or railways.

Referencing an asset to a network

To reference assets to a network use the following procedure:

  1. Start the process of creating an asset item, see Creating an item.

  2. When you have completed the steps to create the item select step to display the Network references panel.

alt text

  1. Select the Add network reference button, this allows you to select the Network item, the Network picker is displayed.

alt text

This allows you to select the network item to which you want to reference the asset. If there are multiple network items, then all the items that appear within the map display are listed. When you select an item it is shown as selected in the list displayed on the right of the picker.

  1. When you have completed you selection, select the Done button. The selected item is displayed in the Network item field.

alt text

  1. Select the Next button. The reference is listed in the Network references panel.

  2. Select Done to complete the step, you can than complete the asset by selecting the Create button.

You can repeat the process for all the assets that you want to create and reference to a network.