Basemaps have a set of properties associate with them that you can configure and edit.

Editing basemap properties

To edit the property details of a basemap use the following procedure:

  1. Go to the right menu panel and select the Basemaps icon. A list of available maps is shown in the search panel.

  2. Select the map that you want to edit, the details of the map are displayed in the Item details panel.

alt text

  1. Select the button on the action bar. You can now edit the following attribute fields displayed in the General tab:

alt text

  • Name - you can change the name of the map.
  • Colour - you can change the colour associated with the map.
  • Watermark - this allows you to add or edit the watermark if one is required.
  • API Key - this allows you to add or edit an API key if it is required.
  1. When you have finished editing the details select Save to update the system.