How to get a better view of your data with maps

No matter where you go in Alloy, the map is always at the centre of your workspace. Change basemaps to get a better view of overlaid layers or networks. Use intuitive controls to navigate in the map.


Basemaps are the different map types you can choose from to provide a backdrop to your data in Alloy. Switch between different basemaps to provide context for different kinds of work.

Alloy comes equipped with the following basemaps you can choose to apply.

Do not see the basemap you want? Add a new one!

Take advantage of the following controls to navigate in the map:

Navigation control Mouse Touch
Pan Click and drag Select and drag
Zoom in Roll mouse wheel
Double-click a point on the map
Hold shift and left click, then drag a box over the location to zoom in to
Pinch and drag
Double-tap a point on the map
Zoom out Roll the mouse wheel back Pinch and drag in