Alloy Mobile overview

Alloy Mobile brings you your jobs and inspections so you can focus on one task at a time. It offers detailed and interactive task descriptions so you can travel to your work site with the team members and equipment you need to get your work done.


Alloy mobile is designed to work on Android and iOS mobile devices (phones and tablets). Examples in this documentation are illustrated using an Android device.

Getting started

Log in to access your inventory and allocated work.

You can switch between customer projects to view different data sets, depending on your account settings.

Getting allocated work

You can view a list of your jobs and inspections, and see each task’s location on the map. Adjust your map view with filters and basemaps. Search for your tasks in offline mode to gather details quickly.

Looking up inventory

Look up your asset inventory near you. You can view each asset’s details and make updates if you notice a change.

Completing tasks

You can view the details for each job or inspection assigned to you. You can view and edit task details, and get directions to the work site.

Log your progress and actions taken, as well as the dates you start and finish work. Finally, mark the job or inspection complete when you have finished.

Reporting issues

When you notice an unexpected issue, you can create a defect to notify the back-office of any assets you encounter that may need attention. You can also create an inspection to complete right away, or assign to another team.

Working offline

Once your Alloy Mobile data has finished loading, you can take your mobile device and work anywhere, whether you have an internet connection or not.


You need to make sure you download maps to allow you to work offline.