Alloy mobile allows you to login either using your Microsoft or Google account matching your user’s email address or alternatively using your Alloy login using the standard authentication process.


If the email address for your account is associated with either Google or Microsoft, you can use their authentication process to prove you are the owner of that email address and therefore get access to Alloy.

Logging in

In order for you to login to Alloy Mobile, you need to connect your device to an Alloy server.

  1. Open the Alloy app.

alt text

  1. Select the settings icon in bottom left hand corner of the display. This displays the server selection display.

alt text

When you change the server that you are connecting to, a warning message is displayed to remind you that all the data related to the current workspace will be lost. Make sure you have synchronised all your data before changing servers.

alt text

  1. When you have selected the server that you intend to connect to select the to return to the login screen.

  2. You can now login using one of three methods.

  • A valid Google account that is authorised to access your Alloy project
  • A Microsoft account that is authorised to access your Alloy project
  • Alloy user login that has been configured by your administrator.

When you have successfully logged in, Alloy directs you to your workspace and synchronises your data with the server.

Using Google

If you have a Google email address associated with your Alloy account you can select Login with Google to display the Google login dialog. If you are logged into Google in Chrome, then your credentials are displayed automatically otherwise you need to enter your username and password.

alt text

Using Microsoft

If your system login is a valid Microsoft account you can select Login with Microsoft to login directly into Alloy.

  1. When you do this for the first time the following dialogs are displayed:

alt text

  1. Your email from your system username is displayed by default. If this is also your Microsoft login username, then select Next.

alt text

  1. Enter you Microsoft password (usually the same as you system password), then select Sign in. When you have successfully signed in your account will be remembered on the device.

The subsequent times you login using your Microsoft account, it is displayed, you can select it directly. You are then prompted to confirm that you are signing in to ‘Android_native’, select Continue to complete your login and directed your workspace.

alt text

Using an Alloy account

Each user within Alloy is allocated an Alloy account that can be used to login to Alloy.

alt text


Contact your administrator to access your Alloy login details for the first time. You will need to update your password on your first login.

Setting up fingerprint login

Some mobile devices provide you with the option to use a fingerprint scanner to login.


Fingerprint login is available only if you have already registered your fingerprint in your device settings.

To setup a fingerprint scanner use the following procedure:

  1. Log in using your credentials for one of the methods described above.
  2. Open the menu on the left and go to Settings.
  3. Select the toggle switch to enable Enable fingerprint scanner.

alt text

You can now log in by using your finger on the fingerprint scanner on the login page.