Pathfinder is opened whenever you need to locate and select attributes from a design or interface, this could be from the AQS builder when creating a query, for example within a workflow, or when defining the attributes to show in the Data Explorer.

Accessing Pathfinder in Data Explorer

You can access Pathfinder in one of two ways within Data explorer, however you must initially select a design or interface beforehand.

Method 1

  1. Open Data explorer from the lower right menu panel.
  2. Select the tab to open the dialog that allows you to search for and select a design or interface.

alt text

  1. When you have selected the design or interface, related items are displayed in the left-hand column. To display additional data for the items you need to configure one or more attributes.
  2. Select the add some attributes link to display Pathfinder.

alt text

Method 2

Follow steps 1 to 3 from Method 1, then use the button to display the list of available actions within Data explorer.

alt text

Select the Configure attributes action to display Pathfinder.

Accessing Pathfinder from a design

You can access Pathfinder from the action bar of the Item details panel for a design or interface.

  1. Select a design to view its details in the Item details panel.
  2. In the Item details panel, the General page is displayed by default.
  3. Select the button on the action bar.

alt text

  1. Select the Pathfinder action to display Pathfinder.

Accessing Pathfinder in a workflow

Pathfinder can be accessed within a workflow when you configure or edit a relation operator within a workflow, see Relation operator - Relation.


Using Pathfinder is limited to creating a context path within a workflow, you cannot select attributes.