Pathfinder allows you to select and include attributes from designs and interfaces within the path. This can be used to display data within data explorer or to retrieve specific data within queries.

Selecting attributes

Initially, when you open Pathfinder the selected design or interface is displayed in the path display.

alt text

The Attributes list displays the list of attributes associated with the selected design or interface. You can use the search bar to find an attribute in the list quickly.

To include any attributes from the design or interface in the query, select one or more attributes from the list, they are ticked to indicate that they have been selected.

alt text

The attributes that you selected are listed in the Selected paths panel on the right hand side.

alt text

As you add more steps within a path you can select attributes for each design or interface within the path. The Selected paths panel indicates the design or interface in the path and the attributes that you have selected for each one.

alt text

Removing selected attributes

You can remove selected attributes by deselecting them from the list in the Attributes page for the current design or interface. Alternatively you can select the icon alongside the item in the Selected paths panel on the right hand side.