When you have selected a design or interface you can navigate to other attributes in other designs and interfaces and add them to the query path. If you need a complex path that requires a route that goes from a child to a parent then pathfinder allows you to navigate manually to create the path.

Manually navigating a path

At the top of the Attributes list you can use the Navigate tool to manually create a path and locate attributes in another design or interface.

alt text

  1. Select the Navigate tool, the Navigate page displays a list of designs or interfaces that have a link to the currently selected design or interface. The Path display changes to indicate that you are navigating to another design or interface.

alt text

  1. Use the search bar to find the design or interface you require quickly, alternatively you can scroll through the list. When you have made a selection the Choose path page displays the attributes you can use to link to the selected design or interface.

alt text


Selecting a design or interface from the list does not mean that there will be attributes that you can link through. You should check that the current design is related to the design or interface you are navigating to.

  1. Select the attribute you want to link through to the selected design and the Attributes list displays the list of attributes associated with the selected design or interface. The Path display changes to show the chosen design or interface and indicates the attribute used to link the path.

alt text

At any stage within the path you can include any attributes from the selected design or interface in the query.

You can repeat the navigation process to include more designs and their attributes in the query path.

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When you have completed the query path from within Data Explorer or the AQS query editor, select Done. The results of the path you created are either displayed in Data Explorer or the path code is inserted in to the AQS query editor.

Alternatively, use the copy path options to save a copy of the path to the clipboard to use elsewhere.