Completing a project

You can complete jobs and inspections in your project or close the entire project including all of its tasks at once. When you close a task within a project or the whole project you need to set the task or project status as one of the following:

  • Completed
  • To Invoice
  • Invoiced
  • Cancelled

The list may include custom statuses in addition to the standard list.

Closing an entire project

  1. In the project to view its details.
  2. In the Item details panel, the General page is displayed by default.
  3. Select the more actions button from the action bar.

alt text

  1. Select the Close project button. A dialog is displayed that provides you with the closing options.

alt text

  1. Select a reason for closing the project and select Ok.
  2. The project status and each task within is now marked Completed.

Completing tasks one by one

In the Tasks page, complete all active jobs or inspections. When all tasks are marked Completed, the project status updates to Completed.