When you are editing a project you can manage the tasks associated with a project.

Adding and removing tasks

To add or remove tasks within an existing project you need to find and edit the project, see Editing projects.

  1. Ensure that the General tab is displayed.
  2. Select the button on the action bar.
  3. Select the Tasks field, a dialog is displayed that lists all available tasks, this includes the tasks that are already included in the project.

alt text

Removing tasks from a project

Existing tasks are shown selected, you can deselect and remove these tasks from the project. Alternatively, to remove tasks, select the selected tab, which lists all the tasks currently associated with the project.

alt text

The button alongside each task item allows you to remove the task item from the list.

Adding tasks to a project

To add tasks to the project you can select the tasks you require from the list that is displayed.

alt text

Alternatively, you can display the map picker, which allows you to select jobs from the map, see Item picker for details on how to use the map picker.

alt text

To complete the process select either Save from the list or Done from the map picker.