When you create a project you can edit the details or any tasks, routes or teams associated with the project.


To add a route to a project you need to create the project first, see Creating a project.

Editing project details

To edit the project details use the following procedure:

  1. Select a project to view its details.
  2. In the Item details panel, the General page is displayed by default.
  3. Select the button on the action bar. You can now edit the fields displayed in the General tab.

alt text

This allows you to edit the following:

  • Name - you can change the name of the project, this does not change the Item Id.
  • Tasks - you can add or remove tasks within the project, see Editing project tasks
  • Routes - you can add a route to the project or edit an existing route within the project, see Creating routes and Editing routes.
  • Teams - you can manage the teams associated with the project, see Teams.

In addition to being able to add or edit tasks, routes and teams within the project in the General tab, you can also select the Tasks and Routes tabs to manage tasks and routes within the project.

  1. When you have finished editing the details select Save to update the system.