When you are editing a project you can manage the routes associated with a project.

Adding and removing routes

To add or remove routes within an existing project you need to find and edit the project, see Editing projects.

  1. Ensure that the General tab is displayed.
  2. Select the button on the action bar.
  3. Select the Routes field, a route manager is displayed that displays and lists all available routes, this includes the routes that are already included in the project.

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The manager provides you with the tools to add and remove routes and a graphical view of your routes for the selected project.

List of routes panel

The list of routes panel displays the list of routes available for the project, including the currently selected routes.

Search field

The search field allows you to locate a specific route within the list or by using a partial entry in the field to reduce the number of routes displayed within the list.

Map display

The map display initially displays the route associated with the project. You can pan and zoom the map using the mouse or map tools.

Map tools

The map tools can be used to zoom in and out of the map and select one or more routes contained within the map window.

You can select a group of routes using the draw area tool. This allows you to draw a marquee around the routes that you want to select.

When you have completed the marquee select the Show selected items tool to view a list of the selected routes in the panel on the right.

Done button

When you have finished selecting the routes for the selected project use the Done button to apply the settings.

Manager tools

The manager tools that you use to display and manage routes are accessed using the icon in the bottom right hand corner or the map display, see Route manager tools for details on how to use the tools.

Search here button

When you move the map to a particular location you can use this button to search for routes within the map display. If routes exist they are shown and listed on the right hand panel.