A project in Alloy is a set of jobs or inspections you can manage as a whole for more effective working. For example, you might create a project to bulk clean all lightbulbs on a street. Each light is linked to a job, and each job is included in the project.

You create an empty project to get started. Then select the jobs and inspections to include in the project. Add tasks one by one, or draw a target area to include multiple nearby tasks.

This allows you to coordinate tasks with schedules and routes and you can edit the project to assign project tasks to a team for completion.

With Alloy’s advanced project management tools you can optimise the project’s schedule and routing, completing jobs in a specified order to minimise travel time and improve efficiency with routes.

View project status at a glance andd track tasks as they are completed, then check when all tasks in a project are complete. Or close the whole project at once, completing all project tasks simultaneously.