In order to generate a custom report, you need to define one or more data sources that can be used to make up the content of the report. Data sources define where the data is located and are populated when the report is run. When you access the Report Builder the Data sources tab is displayed by default and allows you to create the data sources.

Creating data sources

To create a data source that is going to be used within the report use the following procedure:

  1. Select the Create data source button, the Create data source dialog is displayed.

alt text

  1. Use the following fields to configure a data source:
  • Name - you need to enter a name for the data source.
  • Required - this yes / no field is used to define whether the data source is required to be populated when the report is run. By choosing no the data source will allow a user running the report to leave this data source empty.
  • Type - this allows you to select one of the following types of data source:

    The appearance of the following fields depend on the Type that you previously selected

  • Design or interface - when you specify the type of data source to be either an AQS query or and Item then you need to use this field to choose the design or interface that they are based on.
  1. When you have completed all the fields select the Create button. The data source is added to the list.

alt text

You can repeat the process to add other data sources to the report.

Removing a data source

To remove a data source from the list select the icon for the data source that you want to remove, you will be prompted to confirm the deletion of the data source.