Once you have defined the data sources you can begin to define the structure of a report. The Report Builder allows you to create one or more report documents that act as templates, that are used when you generate a report. You can use the layout editor to define the structure and link the data sources to the report documents.

Creating report documents

To create a report document you need to first create a document and its type then define the layout.

  1. Select the Report document tab to display the Reports document page.
  2. Select the Create report document button, the Create report documents dialog is displayed.

alt text

  1. Use the following fields to configure the report:
  • Name - this allows you to enter a name to identify a report document.
  • Type - this allows you to specify the type of report document (the default type is Flow).

    The type of document you select will determine any additional fields that you may need to configure.

  1. When you have completed all the fields select the Create button. The report is added to the Reports document page.

alt text

You can repeat the process to add other documents to the report. Once you have completed all the documents you require you can select a document and create or edit the layout.

Removing a report document

To remove a report document from the list on the Reports document page, select the icon for the document that you want to remove, you will be prompted to confirm the deletion of the document.