Once you have created a report document, you can modify its layout. To edit the appearance of a document you use the Layout editor. The editor allows you to place a set of control elements to format the output of the report document. The control elements can be linked with the data sources or configured manually to define the content that will appear within the report document when the report is run.

Create a report document layout

To create the layout of a report document use the following procedure:

  1. Select the Create report document to display the Edit report document dialog.

  2. Complete the Name field to identify the layout.

  3. Select the document type.

  4. The output types that are available depend on the document type that you selected.

  5. Select the View/Edit layout button to display the Layout editor.


The example below illustrates a Flow type document, other types of document use the same procedure, but will contain different fields in the Edit report document dialog.

alt text

  1. The Layout editor allows you to add control elements to the layout of the report document, with either manually entered content or content generated from a data source when the report is run.

  2. Select the icon to display the list of available controls.

alt text

Placing controls in the document allows you to define the layout of the document. When you edit their properties, this determines how the data appears.

Almost all report control properties can have their values derived from a constant value (a value you enter which never changes) or dynamically from a data source, for example, we could enter the word ‘Hello’ or let the text property be populated by an assets unit number. Linking data sources to report control properties allows you to make more complex document layouts.

  1. When you have added all the control elements you require, you can arrange them within the editor page by selecting and dragging each element to a desired position.

alt text

The yellow dotted lines indicate where you can insert the control that you are moving within the layout.

  1. You can use the following editor tools while editing the layout to preview and save the layout.

alt text

  • Back to documents - this returns you to the Report document page without saving any changes you have made in the Layout editor, you will lose any changes since the last time the layout was saved.
  • Preview document - some document types allow you to preview the general layout of the document.

Not all controls render with exactly the same layout, and data is not included until the report is run, but the editor provides you a general idea of what the report should look like.

  • Edit document - this allows you to exit the preview mode and return to the editor to configure the layout.
  • Save layout - this allows you to save the layout and return to the Report document page.

If you do not save a layout then any changes will be lost.