Alloy includes a reporting module that provides you with the tools to create, manage and run reports. There are two types of reports within Alloy:

  • System - this refers to standard reports that are provided within Alloy that you cannot modify directly and are based on the data in the system.

    In addition to the core standard reports, there are standard reports within individual modules such as Street lighting, Highways or Waste.

    To configure new, system reports, contact your administrator or Yotta support at support@weareyotta.com.

  • Custom - this refers to reports that you can create and customise to meet your requirements.

    Alloy allows you to configure and generate custom reports using the Report Builder. Custom reports can be output in various formats, for example, HTML and / or PDF files, which can be downloaded for printing or viewing.

What is a report?

A report in Alloy is an interactive webpage built on a snapshot of your data at the time you request the report.

Generating a report

You can generate a new report to see the latest findings on the subject of your choice (e.g. generate a new Job report to see the current state of jobs in your network).

Viewing reports

Each time you generate a report it creates a Report instance. Alloy allows you to view any previous report instances.