Routing is part of the creating projects process as routes are associated with projects and any tasks within the project.

Creating a route

  1. Select a project to view its details.
  2. In the Item details panel, select the Routes page from the tab bar.

alt text

  1. Select the more actions button from the action bar.

alt text

  1. Select Create route. The Create route page is displayed in the left hand panel.
  2. Enter a route name in the Name field.

By default, any tasks associated with the project are automatically shown as waypoints.

alt text

  1. Select Add waypoints to define the start and end points of the route and any waypoints in between. The Add waypoints page is displayed.

alt text

This allows you to add waypoints using one of the following methods:

These fields allow you to enter decimal values for latitude and longitude to define a waypoint.

  1. Select Add when you have finished using any of the methods. A waypoint is displayed on the map, see Adding waypoints.

  2. When you have completed adding all the waypoints select Create. A notification pops up to confirm when the route has been created. Your new route is displayed on the map with each task or waypoint numbered in sequence along the route in the order that they are listed within the route.

alt text

At this stage the route is not optimised for the shortest or fastest route. The route is displayed in the item details panel on the right and you can edit the route if you want to adjust and optimise how the waypoints are ordered.