Routing is part of the creating projects process as routes are associated with projects and any tasks within the project. In order to create a route you need to create a project and assign a series of tasks to the project, for example inspections or jobs.

Creating a route

  1. Select a project to view its details.

  2. In the Item details panel, select the Routes page from the tab bar.

alt text

  1. Select the more actions button from the action bar.

alt text

  1. Select Create route. The Create route page is displayed in the left hand panel.

  2. Enter a route name in the Name field.

  3. Select Create to display the Route editor. The Route editor automatically displays any tasks, associated with the project, within the map window as waypoints.


Waypoints can be point, line or polygon geometries. The route takes the centroid point of a geometry as the waypoint to visit

alt text

To create the route you need to add the tasks that you want to include within the route. The Route editor then allows you to configure the route.